W2D Create interior design in the office, home, apartment, etc. which is an important part in the creation of coziness and comfort. We represent you the price of services rendered by our company. We guarantee a high-quality execution of any order. Responsible attitude on the part of the performers will be provided


  • For many years, we provide services for the development of technical documentation. These services consist of the requirements specification, measuring drawings based utilities.
  • The list includes: all the necessary sweep: the walls with the selection of the materials used, the plan is based on the flooring, plan the placement of lighting devices and link them to light corpses, placement of electrical outlets, placement of furniture and sanitary ware, and all the necessary detail for the project.
  • We constantly monitor the quality of work. After all, this will depend on how comfortable will our customers be in their homes. According to the results of our work, we understand that we are moving in the right direction. That is what drives us and does not stop!


  • Good visualization of interiors a must to be seen with your own eyes and decide wheather the project is suitable for you or not. We have the most effective and photorealistic visualization of the interior price that is accessible to everyone. 3Ds-MAX program is operated by us which gives you the opportunity to see visualise the room, we are working in volume.
  • This service allows you to see your room from any angle, to understand the scale of the space of furniture and decorative parts of the project. With visualization, you have the opportunity to see how your room will actually look with the existing furniture.
  • We also offer an entire discount system, using which, loyal customers will always be in an advantageous position. If you order the general plan of the apartment you will automatically receive the discount, the amount of which will depend on the volume. Taking care of each customer - that's what drives our company.


  • Our company provides each customer with a statement of the calculated data of the project. Which includes even the very minutes detail of furniture regarding the manfacturer, color, model and the material used.
  • Our professionals will be able to calculate all the centimeters. Since the design of this thing is individual and unique, and each drawing is prepared by our specialists is unique. All decorative areas worked out and presented to the details of specifying the material from which this item will be made.
  • In compiling the bills of material for the features of the room, layout of the existing utilities and the building structure are taken into account. For example, plan the placement of sanitary equipment, contains complete information about the connection point santeh, devices, showing the make and model of these devices, and also the color and material in which they are made.


  • Our company provides a complete set of objects which include furniture and variety of finishing materials. We offer our customers a range of services. This is advantageous because when ordering furniture and decorative materials, we provide our clients with discounts on all items and materials.
  • We will do all the work, starting with the selection of the most basic items, and ending with the decor for the interior. On this design the price of home interior design will not be high. As a result, you can be sure that in reality you will get full compliance with the developed concept.


    We have the opportunity to order great Italian furniture at prices which are lower than the saloons. And we want to share this opportunity with you.




    Designer will Check out the designs in the selection of materials, and equipment Advice and provision of all necessary additional drawings for manufacturers and repair and construction team.

    The prices are usually discussed individually as they depend on the client's personal requirements, the object's area and location.

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